Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Gentleman Uses His Sleight of Hand

A gentleman often mysteriously appears out of nowhere, stumbling onto the scene in a blackout stupor as if materializing from the mischief, mayhem and marauding afoot. Of course any flock of night owls intent on having a supremely excellent time view this fortuitous encounter as good fortune, and they accept the gentleman into their merry band, all the while wondering if he’ll use his genie-like powers to grant them their most coveted wishes and desires. And so, like a favorite uncle, the gentleman swoops in for a surprise visit, except rather than pluck a coin from behind someone’s ear or demonstrate his removable thumbs, this dastardly gentleman is much more interested in conjuring up condoms in young maidens’ pockets before bedding them down in a fit of drunken splendor.

MagicMaiden: i have a funny story for you
MagicMaiden: so i was out with my roommates like a week ago and we find chris aimlessly wandering around 2nd avenue
MagicMaiden: he’s jay walking in this drunken stupor and almost gets run over by a car
Wabbit: yikes
MagicMaiden: so we are like chris? and hes hammered and we all go to DBA
MagicMaiden: he starts drunkenly talking to my one roommate and says “so I broke up with my girlfriend, good news”
MagicMaiden: and she’s like “ummm, ok, great dude…”
MagicMaiden: and then he says “but theres even better news”
MagicMaiden: “check your left pocket”
MagicMaiden: and she like looks in her left dress pocket and theres condoms
Wabbit: hahahaahha
Wabbit: oh man
Wabbit: he’s smooth
Wabbit: thats hysterical
Wabbit: I’m using that in a book or screen play or something
MagicMaiden: lol
MagicMaiden: she had no idea how he got them in there or anything!
MagicMaiden: hilarious
Wabbit: and he was the drunk one
Wabbit: impressive
MagicMaiden: oh yeah
Wabbit: did they hookup?
MagicMaiden: nah, made out though
MagicMaiden: i guess creepy moves like that can’t go unrewarded

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